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St Peter’s Church Parochial Church Council is very grateful to the volunteers who have provided input to this record of the churchyard monuments and of monuments inside the church building:


Clare Stanley

Sally Murray-White

Peter Murray-White

Paul Steggles

The Arts Society


The plans show burial plots and associates these with the names and details shown on the monuments. The term monument includes headstone, cross, kerb, border, vase, tablet, plaque, marker, flatstone, tombstone or monument or tomb of any other kind.


Information from burial registers dating back to about 1600 has also been included. Unfortunately only a small proportion of the registered burials have been associated with burial plots.


Names in the old registers can be difficult to read. This leads to some unusual interpretations. If the name is completely unreadable it is marked “Unknown”.


Some monuments have names that are not in the burial registers. This may indicate omissions in the latter, or it may be that names are being commemorated when the remains are elsewhere.


The inscriptions on some monuments are difficult or impossible to read. If it is currently impossible to associate a name with a monument it is marked “Unknown”.


The diagrams show the churchyard divided into five zones. The burial plots are labelled within each zone by row and position within that row, so that a particular plot is given a unique label composed of zone number and plot label, e.g. zone 1, row H, position 31, or 1/H31.


There appear to be unused areas in the churchyard, but given the age of the churchyard, this is unlikely to be true. The plot labels used allow for missing rows and positions.


Names associated with each plot are shown in a large table, along with dates of death etc. Names that cannot be associated with a plot but which are in the burial registers are also included. The table shows information sorted by surname, forename then date of death. 


If a name is recorded on a monument, but is not in a relevant burial register, a cross is shown in the column marked “In Reg”. If cremated remains were buried rather than a body, a tick is shown in the column marked “Ashes”. Relevant notes are recorded in the “Comments” column, and differences between the burial registers and the monument inscriptions are noted in the “Monument if different” column.


The table also includes monuments inside St Peter’s Church building. These are recorded as being in zone 0. The monuments are numbered to correspond to those used in a “Record of Church Furnishings” completed by The Arts Society in 2021. Hatchments and benefaction boards are also included. A diagram shows the approximate positions of the monuments inside the building.


Please note that the information provided with these records cannot be guaranteed to be correct, but is a best-endeavours effort to provide something useful.


As far as is known, no other plan of the churchyard that records positions of burials and names exists.


You can see the zone layout below. Individual zones can be viewed using these links:

Zone 0 - inside building

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

Zone 5

and the names of those buried and all the burial plots using this link:

burial records

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