**** CORONAVIRUS : You can see the latest COVID-19 information from the Church of England on this link, including that in respect to weddings. Currently weddings are not allowed to take place except in exceptional circumstances. ****




Can I book a wedding in the current COVID-19 crisis?

We are still accepting wedding bookings, but please note that, given the on-going uncertainties about how COVID-19 will progress, we cannot know what the situation will be later this year and in 2021. While we will do all we can to make sure the wedding day goes ahead as planned, we are not in control of the situation. There may still be a possibility that your wedding may not be able to take place or that it may be subject to restrictions, such as those which are currently in force.

If the Government steps up measures again, as happened this year with lock down in March, it may be that couples may wish, or have to, postpone their weddings. Indeed the church may have to cancel dates that have been booked. Also in these circumstances the provision of extras such as music and bell ringing can only be provisional. Couples making wedding bookings may wish to consider taking out insurance cover.

Is it possible to marry in St Peter's Church, even though we don't live in the village, or have a family connection with Dumbleton?

Yes you may marry at St Peter's Church by establishing a connection with it by regularly attending services once a month for a period of six months.

When is the church open?

The church is normally opened every day at around 9 am and locked at dusk, but due to the Coronavirus the church building is currently locked and closed to the public. Please see our Coronavirus page for more details.

Who is the Vicar?

The Revd Julia Hook. See the home page for contact details

How do we go about booking a wedding at the church?

Please contact Mrs Tricia Steggles, who is the wedding clerk, for a friendly chat on: 01386 882049.

If you wish to go ahead with a firm booking the documents are completed at Tricia's home.

What will it cost?  Do we have to pay a deposit or cancellation fee?

The Fees for 2020 are £505 for a spoken wedding ceremony (which includes: service £463, banns £31, certificate £11)

There is no deposit payable, and no cancellation fee in that event.

Are there any extra costs?

Yes.  Banns of your Wedding (a legal requirement) are published at St Peter's Church at three consecutive Sunday services (this cost is covered in the fee above).  You also have to arrange for Banns to be published at your own home Church of England parish (or parishes), and a certificate, or certificates, has/have to be handed to the vicar here as evidence that this has been done.      

  • Local Publication of Banns        £ 31

  • Local Banns Certificate             £ 14

... also there may be some optional extra costs:

  • If you get married in a week in which the church is not usually cleaned, you can optionally pay £25 to ensure that it is cleaned.

  • If you want the church to be heated for your wedding there is an optional charge of £30.

  • If you want a video taken of your service there will be a fee of £100.  Permission has to be sought and obtained from the vicar, and the video must only be taken by the official videographer and not by any other person (e.g. by smart phone).

Can we have an Organist, Church Choir or Bell Ringers?  


Yes, Tricia Steggles can book them for you.  Current fees are:

  • Organist              £ 112 

  • Choir                   £   90

  • Bells                    £ 145

What time can we get married and is confetti allowed?

You may marry between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm Yes we are happy for confetti to be thrown in the churchyard, but not in the church.  No plastic or metallic-sheen items, or nylon petals please. The biodegradable kind please (flower petals, paper, rice). 


When do we pay?

You will be invoiced five to four weeks before your wedding; payment by cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer.

Can we pay in instalments?

Yes, this can be arranged.

Are photographs allowed inside the church?

Yes, during the service by your appointed photographer.

Is a video allowed?

Yes, but permission has to be sought and obtained from the vicar, and there is an extra fee of £100. The video must only be taken by the official videographer and not by any other person (e.g. by smart phone).


Couples can find lots of helpful information at and there is a weddings page for the Gloucester Diocese here.

In some circumstances, couples may prefer a wedding blessing following a civil wedding at home or abroad. Please see here for more details.

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